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( Lumbriculus Variegatus, not Tubifex)


There are many important reasons to choose Live Blackworms for your fish instead of frozen and machine prepared "fast" foods, or to supplement other foods.  Worms are a major part of the natural diet of most tropical fish, but are you aware of these other reasons?...   

·         Our Blackworms are 1 to 2 inches long, small enough for most tropical fish to devour them whole.  For feeding very small fish, they can be easily chopped on a cutting board.

·         Uneaten worms will not die and decay in your freshwater aquarium, but will live as scavengers in the gravel, like earthworms in your garden, until the fish eat them.

·         California Blackworms are Lumbriculus Variegatus, native to silt edges of clean streams and lakes across most of North America. They are NOT TUBIFEX, the sewage worms.

·         Because our California Blackworms are raised in controlled conditions without fish, they are free of parasitic roundworms, tapeworms, flukes, Ich, Hexamita, and other obligate fish diseases that Blackworms from other sources (harvested from fish farms) might carry.

·         California Blackworm Co. uses a high protein aquaculture feed to ensure that our Blackworms are highly nutritious for your fish.  They are an excellent main diet for carnivorous fish, or to supplement dry foods, frozen foods and vegetables for omnivorous and herbivorous fish.

·         Most fish devour Blackworms immediately with no “training”, since live worms excite their natural hunting instincts, and quickly improve their color, health and behavior. Blackworms help condition fish for breeding and can increase egg production, hatching success, and fry survival.

·         Blackworms are ideal for acclimating wild-caught fish and for recovering fish stressed by transport, aggression or disease.  Even finicky marine Butterfly fish love Blackworms! (But feed carefully, as Blackworms die quickly in saltwater).

·         We at California Blackworm Co. know that dedicated aquarists demand the very best.  We want to help your cherished fish live long, healthy, and productive lives!

Summary:  Our rich, succulent California Blackworms are teeming with nutrition to bring out the vibrant colors and glow of health in your tropical fish as nature intended. Since nearly all fish are naturally adapted to eat and digest aquatic worms, Blackworms provide an ideal food for promoting vigorous growth, long healthy lives, and prolific breeding.

California Blackworm Co. guarantees live arrival of our Blackworms. However if FedEx attempts to deliver and has to return on a later day and loses occurs due to this, our guarantee is voided. We will handle each claim on an individual basis. Any delivery refused for any reason is subject to the invoice amount and any additional FedEx cost.

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